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May 15, 2018

Web Analytics to empower Green

Implementing a web analytic solution, enables you to capture, store and analyze information generated by web sites and gain critical business insights into the performance and efficiency of marketing and sales initiatives and other front office trends of events.

This analysis is known in the e-commerce world as web analytic. Analytic tools deliver access to the right information which is essential to making the decisions that will help you achieve your company's e-commerce objectives.

Online Business Optimization KPIs for B2B

Online business optimization includes the essential trends, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), site traffic and conversion metrics (streamline the deployment of tags to establish custom-made tagging standards, as well as tactics to optimize smart online marketing campaigns, integration between different analytic services to automatically associate keyword revenue across visitor and campaign activity, utilizing high quality and cost-effective methods.

Identify and track the online micro-conversions occurring throughout the complex B2B buying cycle. Strengthen customer relationships by streamlining your customer support sites. Increase credit card, home loan and insurance applications, and enhance their online customer service sites.

KPIs for Financial Services Sites

Identify new market segments and understand the visitor groups most likely to convert into customers, members or subscribers. Best Practices for Retail Sites (key trends that will impact your retail site) and The Essential Key Trends, KPIs, and Best Practices for Travel & Hospitality sites (key trends that will impact your T & H site). Create audience segments, implement day-parting strategies, and analyze contextual advertising efforts.

KPIs for Media Sites

Price and monetize content, increase length of stay and more quickly promote or demote content. Improve supplier relationships and customer fulfillment & analytical insight to drive decision making.

KPIs for e Commerce

Think about what KPI's you should be measuring to increase visitor conversion and sales and sort through high volumes of traffic streamline reservation processes to enhance online promotions and customer loyalty reward programs.

KPIs for Intranet and Employee Team Work

It's all about developing and introduce corporate standards across your organization.

Establish the roles and responsibilities needed to organize your internal team for success, Move the internal team from being perceived as a cost center to being seen as a value enabler within the organization and best practices that are being used to drive higher conversion rates, target key areas of improvement, and optimize Intranet site performance.

Online Marketing - Drive results to your bottom line.

A Green Marketing Agency should be able to design a custom solution that will meet your primary objectives of Traffic, Qualified Leads and Performance Advertising. You can be confident that your business will get the best return on investment because we work with people that can deliver targeted leads.

With a qualified Green Marketing Agency you'll get:


Use the Green Marketing Agency Premium Partners to reach 85% of active Internet users and put your Web site in the first three search results on major search engines


Maximize your return on investment by getting customers who are specifically searching for your products or services.

Qualified Leads

Get customers who want exactly what you have to offer. A Green Marketing Agency should be able to help you choose the most relevant search terms to target potential customers.


Research shows that compared to banners and tiles, search listings more than double the awareness of, likelihood to visit and overall opinion of a company.

Performance Advertising

Pay only when a customer clicks through to your site.


Get targeted customers. A Green Marketing Agency should be able to send your site targeted leads—customers who type in search terms relating to your business and predetermined KEY WORDS!

Customize search terms, titles and descriptions

They should help you select search terms. They will also help you develop customized titles and descriptions. With Premium Listings, your ad will appear in the top three search results when customers type in the search terms you've chosen.

Development of multi-channel strategy and Web Analytic integration with Search Marketing
Evaluate performance, including the engagement, website conversion, marketing performance and landing page effectiveness.

Each Online campaign is map to a channel delivering real-time information that provides immediate feedback on your customer value proposition, strategies and campaigns. Integrate data from multiple campaigns and channels so you can implement a multi-channel strategy that will improve your customers' experience and increase your market competitiveness.

Multiple marketing channels

Valuable insights into the information customers are looking for, evaluate the effectiveness of creative and media strategies and perform ROI analysis by channel -- all in real time.

Multi-dimensional view of customers online

E-metric's marketing optimization consulting services for turning data into media metrics, online media metrics, mobile marketing metrics and marketing analytics.

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