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May 11, 2018

The Foundation for Transformation and an Agile Business

Organizations today are concerned with three main issues:

How can I optimally run my business green every day?
How can I change quickly?
How can I remain agile going forward?

To operate at your best every day, it is imperative that any adjustments in demand, supply, required work, resource capacity and peoples’ competencies can be handled easily. The business has to execute its green operating model and adapt it easily. Architects, who are charged with changing this model, must know how work is done before re-configuring it.

Clarity on business strategic intent, business capabilities, end to end business processes, the information tracing across the business, technology resources, and human competencies is essential to make required changes without risk. Business Architects have to be knowledgeable on how all these work together to best serve the day to day stakeholders for whom our value streams are supposed to deliver value.

Quick Change

Quick change means that Business Architects must know the interactions among business components so that when the business model is being renewed they can describe what’s needed and design with deliberate integrity, reuse and inherent agility in mind.

To be clear, ‘Agile’ software development will not solve this problem due to immense complexity in issues other than software. Fast software development without an architectural underpinning can easily impair ease of change later.

A solid business architecture that assures the avoidance of redundancy, maximizes the sharing of capabilities and makes best use of supporting resources is essential. With a sound architectural foundation, business-wide transformation, digitization and continuous optimization can be accomplished and change efforts can progress smoothly.

A Good Green Business Architecture

The ultimate benefit of a good green Business Architecture will be in Business Agility.

This requires designing the right green solutions that provide the greatest return on investment to the business avoiding duplication of effort and developing capabilities once for multiple uses across the processes of the organization. Without a solid Business Architecture there will certainly be sub-optimization, redundancy and inconsistency across business operations with increasing difficulty to change fast later on.

Architects must define the multiple domains of the business and how they interact so any impact of proposed business changes can be determined rapidly and changes made with the surety they will work immediately. That means that defining and interconnecting strategy, environmental policy, information, processes, capabilities, technical and human resources and other domains is essential.

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