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May 13, 2018

PMI Anti-corruption Drive

Project Management skills are a new core competency in organizations at all levels. Understanding how all the phases of the project lifecycle fit together benefits projects of any size. Structured techniques for project management add the maximum amount of value during project execution.


Believing that PM expertise can contribute to the fight against corruption and collusion, each organization should proposes a series of recommendations that aim to minimize deviation and abuse in the management of public projects.

The PM field is becoming very competitive. Top PMs know that in order deliver on time, on spec, and on budget, they need to know all the facets of the field and apply their knowledge nimbly and accurately.  
That means being able to communicate with the team, manage stakeholders, procure and plan, ensure quality, minimize risk, and so much more to be done about the anti corruption drives. Truly competitive companies want Project Managers who CAN connect the work to the overall strategy, and add value by bringing a complete skill set to bear. A well-trained project manager trumps the person who's winging it every time.

A definite multi-dimension anti-corruption step

Transparency, the "DE compartmentalizing" of projects, the presence of a project manager, the creation of a centralized database, intelligent risk management, as well as reviewing contracting practices are some solutions considered in this memorandum.

Projects can have a lot of moving parts. Successfully managing them requires more than just using PM software to make Gantt charts! Without having a deep insight, those who execute projects are essentially winging it, learning on the job through trial and error.

They cannot be sure that what they're doing is right or wrong, or missing something, or that the solution they implement is the best possible course of action. To excel at the job, a Project Manager requires concise, comprehensive formal training in the best anti corruption drive practices, current thinking, and tools of the trade.

PMI can help to identify six key findings and proposes eight recommendations. Building on the expertise of its Board of Directors and of its Board of Governors, as well as on the analysis of best practices in governance and construction project management across the globe, PMI proposes better management of public funds.

Key findings

- Functional management, also known as silo management, does not allow for an integrated overall view of the project.

- The practice of awarding contracts to the lowest bidders encourages contract amendments, which in turn leads to cost overruns.

- The management of project amendments brings forth inadequate planning and weak management and monitoring mechanisms.

- Certain firms offer both project management and project execution services creating a conflict of interest.

- Project portfolios are kept secret up until the project begins, which enables decision-makers to influence the execution of the project, unconstrained.

- The absence or lack of data regarding project performance leaves municipal officials at the mercy of the expertise of the firms with which they do business.


- Adopt interdisciplinary working methods where the project manager is responsible for managing and coordinating the entire project from A to Z.

- Apply a project management methodology based on trade practices and adapted to real circumstances of public bodies.

- Take risk management into account for all projects and provide protection mechanisms and appropriate contingency measures.

- Review certain contract awarding practices, particularly regarding amendments and extras.

- Abolish the practice of awarding contracts to the lowest bidder.

- Develop a centralized database on lessons learned during projects, statistics on the cost of delays, supplier performance, and so on, in order to provide a readily available set of guidelines for municipalities.

- Include project management experts in all infrastructure projects who are not involved with the execution of the project.

- Consider the implementation of a more rigorous and transparent project portfolio management process.

SAP Fraud Management - Achieve effective and efficient fraud management

- Monitor key performance indicators and create management reports
- Analyze fraud patterns and define detection rules and models
- Manage alert workload with efficient evaluation, qualification & remediation of fraud
- Define fraud detection strategy through simulation and calibration
- Execute mass and real-time detection and stop suspicious business transactions

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