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May 15, 2018

Network and Managed IT Assessment Consulting to empower Green

A green IT consulting should be able to provide strategic consulting for assessment of Data Center Equipment. The assessment will provide a detailed road-map of your computing environment and outline areas for improvement in the short and long term that will help grow your community, organization and/or business processes as a whole.

Data Center Infrastructure Planning

Whether you need a basic, self-contained small data center solution or premium architecture with a larger footprint, your local A green IT consulting should be able to give you have an estimate for your pay-as-you-grow data center infrastructure solution and will provide you with a price, value, and performance estimate, including a budgetary price.

• Improving PUE design elements 
• Capacity Management System Design 
• Power and Cooling Optimization 
• Solution to Rise of High Density 
• IT Loads Solution and Strategy 
• Lower Redundancy Requirements 
• Other virtualization effects

As SMEs turn to MSPs (managed service providers) for everything from networking, storage, and security management to desktop support, they need to carefully consider which services are most appropriate for their businesses and how best to deal with service providers.

Schneider Electric is known for quality, innovation and industry leading service and support.
In today’s “always on, always available” world where business can’t stop APC provide protection against the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage: power problems and temperature.

Network Technologies have been supplying APC products for over a decade and their partners have the skill sets to specify, supply and install comprehensive solutions for any application, be it home/small office, business networks or a data centre. 

They are experienced in everything from a replacement battery to a complete rack solution with cooling and power management. If you have legacy UPS equipment that needs replacing the current APC Trade-UPS upgrade program can save you time and money. See how the Trade-UPS can work for you.

Managed IT Quality and Financial Viability

We first let you thoroughly evaluate the Managed IT service quality and financial viability, offered through the RIMs (Remote Infrastructure Management) and FMS (Facility Management Services). These managed IT service qualities include the strength of technical capabilities, responsiveness of staff, reporting systems and client satisfaction.

iPuzzlebiz Managed IT Consulting

No matter the size of your business or your industry, RIMs and FMS are built for those wanting rapid deployment, integration and expertise which enable a simplified experience. iPuzzlebiz IT Consulting has an integral go-to-market role for delivering these solutions, and the expertise, software, strategy and deep knowledge of client needs to brings additional value to your company.


Remote Infrastructure Management is a cost effective alternative to in-house Infrastructure Management.

RIM service covers areas such as:

• Availability and health monitoring
• Asset and software license tracking
• Change management
• Preventive maintenance
• Patch assessment and deployment
• Capacity planning
• Application monitoring
• Failure prediction and management
• Security reporting and
• Performance analysis


Facility Management Services (FMS) helps small and medium enterprises to manage their IT infrastructure for availability, manageability and performance.

FMS service covers areas such as:

• IT help-desk services
• Call management
• Asset and inventory management
• Vendor management
• Servers management
• Mail management services
• Desktop management
• Network management
• Database and backup management and
• Data-center management

Energy Management Strategies

(Supply side, Demand Side and Total Lifecycle Management of the Data Center)

• Data Center Infrastructure Planning
• Managed IT Services (RIMs, FMS)
• Managed Security Services ...

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