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May 15, 2018

Front Office Outsourcing to empower Green

Many companies are now having to maintain so many different connections to so many different trading venues, stock exchanges, etc, meaning the connectivity aspect is not as simple as it used to be.

What seems clear is that future success in "strategic front office outsourcing" lies in a careful and intelligent redrawing of conventional boundaries in connectivity. Where the market is becoming increasingly complex, front office outsourcing takes away that complexity

We pays special attention through technology and front-office business partners to consider branding strategy, online marketing, web analytic, predictive front office trends of events modeling, and reporting capabilities.

This would enable the SLAs and ITO contract to ensure the front-office outsourcer would gain access to leading customer analysis and marketing expertise without having to take on the technical, organizational, and financial challenges associated with building such sophisticated techniques and capabilities in-house.

Back office outsourcing deals with non-customer related services. Front office outsourcing deals with customer related services, such as telemarketing, customer support, and technical support.

iPuzzlebiz would like to classify the online business optimization as a front-office process since it is heavily involved with streamlining the data received from customer trends of events.

General front office services

Inbound Sales
Outbound Sales
Customer Service
Order Processing
Technical Support
Appointment Setting
Debt Collection
Help Desk
Market Research and Quality

Social Media Marketing

Social Networks
Social Networking
Business Networking
Web 2.0
Web 3.0
Community Development
Marketing Psychology
Word of Mouth Strategy
Viral Marketing

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Strategy
Business Marketing
Product Marketing
Media Buying

Marketing Channel Development

Interactive Media Marketing
Emerging Technology Marketing

POS & Collateral

Business Cards
Press Kits
Direct Mail
Door Hangers
Trade Show Exhibits
CD / DVD Inserts

Creative Online Advertising and Marketing

Display Advertising B-to-B (banners, buttons, skyscrapers)
Display Advertising B-to-C (banners, buttons, skyscrapers)
Rich Media B-to-B
Rich Media B-to-C
Email Marketing
Landing Page
Pop-Up/Pop-Under Ads
Branded Content: Video/Films/Movies
Social Media
Game or Application
Viral Marketing (any of the online formats)
Mobile Marketing
Electronic Greeting/Holiday Card
Other Online Advertising/Marketing

Online Campaigns

Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Cause Marketing
Social Media

Internet Marketing

Marketing Automation Software
Email Marketing Solutions
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Internet Strategy Marketing
Interactive Marketing
Banner Advertising
Campaign Management

Search Engine Optimization

On the web, the shortfall is discovered before the customer pays, and the competitor's website is always just a click away.

SEO Contract Types

Top Rank Organic Search Engine Placement
All-in-one Search Engine Optimization Services
Pay for Performance (PFP) Ranking Plans

All-in-one SEO service includes:

Discovery Interview
Keyword research
Website Analysis
Content Analysis
Content Writing
Competitor Analysis
Link Popularity Strategy
Search Engine Submissions
Sitemap installation and submissions
SEO implementation
Baseline Ranking and
Website Position Report plus
Project Status Report


Pay-per-click strategies through association and classification of online campaigns and seasonal keywords. Easily measuring the conversion rate or even the ROI for individual AdWords or other marketing campaigns by combining accounting, sales and marketing data.

General Pay-Per-Click Strategy
PPC Management Strategy

Digital Media

Mobile Advertising
Multimedia Development

Business Development

Business Analysis
Business to Business
Marketing Strategies
International Marketing
Technology Consulting
Concept Development
Client Retention
Employee Retention


Branding Strategy
Brand Management
Corporate Branding
Corporate Identity
Logo Development
Name Selection
Internet Branding

Campaign Metrics

Tools & Resources and Business Software

Multi-lingual front room support

For example, If you’ve got many exchanges where your native language isn’t English, so one of the big things that front office outsourcing offers is ‘multi-lingual front room’ – customer-facing.
This may demonstrate the opportunity to seamlessly and consistently provide powerful multi-language CRM services – even when those services are handled on an outsourced basis.

Insights into Sales activities to better forecast

Unified search and display tactics, measurement and strategies and Requirements to enhance skills in data analysis. Trying to figure out how to improve conversions on your online business? Have you noticed how search engine results pages are now filled with videos, images, and rich media links?

Every day, the search experience is becoming more and more display-like, meaning marketers must align their search and display marketing strategies and tactics.

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