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May 15, 2018

Empowering Offshore Software Development Outsourcing - OSDO to empower Green

An Offshore IT Consulting firm should be able to create the opportunity for you to deliver business process automation development and world-class enterprise business applications:

Customer relationship management (CRM)
Web conferencing and collaboration applications
HR applications like talent management and payroll
Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) applications like ERP
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Product life-cycle Management (PLM)

Information Management

Database Management & Tools
Data Security, Privacy & Life-cycle Management
Data Warehousing & Analytic
Information Integration
Master Data Management

Collaboration Solutions

Messaging and collaboration
Mobile Software for Collaboration
Online collaboration services
Portals and mash-ups
Social software
Software for small & medium business
Unified communications

Enterprise Content Management

Advanced Case Management
Information Life-cycle Governance
Document Imaging and Capture
Social Content Management
Content Analytic Solutions

Specialty Software (On-demand)

On-demand Business Management Suites
Business Analytic
Retail Management
Dealer/Partner Management
Project Management with Time and Billing
Business Intelligence
Financial Performance
Predictive Analytic
Integrated CRM, ERP and ERM solutions

Web Solutions

Web portal development
SharePoint development
Business process automation
Dynamic and e-commerce websites
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Enterprise Solutions (ERP)

Financial management
Planning and budgeting
Project management*
Supply chain management
Business intelligence
Executive management
Human resource management
Custom modules and more...

Enterprise Solutions (ERM)

Demand management
Portfolio selection & analytic
Resource management
Schedule management
Financial management
Time and task management
Team collaboration
Business intelligence and reporting
Administration and scalability


Everything will be designed with high availability in mind. Contract will be reliable by reducing interdependency between systems and layers of organization. All software running on the web servers will be stateless.


All functions of all systems must function at a minimum number of hits per second per server.


The system will function correctly. All owner and member data will be secure. The system will be easy to use.


With powerful Web Analytic, you will optimize your business online. Enhance the key performance indicators experience and increase ROI.

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