Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a complex appraisal method. It is conducted for supporting decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic and social context, and transcends a purely technical/scientific evaluation.

May 13, 2018

Creativity and Critical Thinking in Enterprise Analysis for Developing Green Project Roadmaps

The key elements of a business-focused information technology strategic plan

- Alignment of new technology initiatives with changing markets, products and business plans for maximum effectiveness

- Modelling corporate situations to determine your most pressing technology project needs

- As step-by-step planning approach to leveraging technology that is customizable to your organization's business drivers, culture and products

- Collaborative definition to determine where to allocate money, equipment and staff

- Proactive anticipation of risk and pitfalls in strategic planning

- Cultivation of project commitments with key stakeholders

- Techniques which help strategic stakeholders wield technology to transform the business

- Key computer security and audit issues

- Implementation of organizational technology governance structures to support changing corporate priorities

Information-rich org charts, customizable metrics and robust planning and modeling solutions to measure the scope of the business guard policy development

iPuzzlebiz will help you to make substantially improved business performance, creating the type of IT environment where your business/company can flourish.

- Elements of successful plan
- Overlooked strategic opportunities
- Connecting strategic technology with changing business drivers
- Identifying potential technological value layers in your operations
- Applying strategic technological efficiencies, effectiveness and transformations
- Key business processes
- Key business data
- Key business locations
- Proving cost effective flexibility to business change
- Empowering decentralization
- Determining your planning success
- Identifying technology policies, processes, and standards
- Establishing roles, responsibilities and organization structures
- Service level agreements
- Responding to organizational change
- Institute project and portfolio management
- Cultivating ongoing strategic excellence
- IT Business Guard Policy's assignments
- Developing company's enterprise relations
- Coordinating company's enterprise relations
- Internal Affairs Doctrine
- Directorate of IT Business Policy
- Directorate of Oversea IT Business Policy
- Project driven corporate environment
- Timing requirements and scheduling techniques
- Contingency Plan Resources
- Developing Assessment Policies
- Establishing a steering committee
- Defining the strategic end product
- Technological strategic goals
- Success factors and measures
- Realistic scheduling
- Connecting with the corporate history, mission, goals and objectives
- Analyzing competitors and threats
- Supporting product/service portfolios
- Innovation for market domination
- Leveraging financial ratios
- Customer lifetime value
- Applying value layers of IT
- Business strategy framework
- Business information frameworks: applications, technology and service
- Identifying future initiatives and follow-on projects
- Mission, Vision and Values
- Goals, performance indicators and the balanced scorecards
- IT strategic competencies
- Operations strategy and methods
- Total quality management (TQM)
- Just-in-time (JIT)
- Underlying logistics assumptions
- Critical success factors (CSF) for change efforts
- Enterprise Business Intelligence
- Vertical Restraints
- Priorities and trade-offs
- Business Continuity Management (BCM)
- Business Intelligence (BI)

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