Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a complex appraisal method. It is conducted for supporting decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic and social context, and transcends a purely technical/scientific evaluation.

Apr 22, 2018

Technology as the fundamental enabler of green imperatives

iPuzzlebiz IT Consulting (Consultation - which permeates the entire process) helps to consider variety of moral and professional GREEN policy cycles during business development, IT contract negotiation and transition.

Today's technology is a fundamental enabler of green imperatives along with the corporate ROI, competitive business imperatives and employee productivity. Effective business leadership now involves learning how to leverage technology as a competitive, tactical and operational differentiator for the sustainable development and your business.

Custom-made approaches should be defined during the consultation process to set the best policies based on the green request and let align technology with strategic business objectives for potentially transformational results in sustainability, productivity and profitability.

Generate immediate value for your Green IT strategic planning initiatives

Strategic hardware, software and network needs
Key business processes
Key business data
Key business locations
Key computer security and audit issues
Other potential blueprints

Software which focus on business needs - You have to describe the Green Input and Update policy procedures and/or protocols as clearly as possible in the scope of implementing IT improvement and IT business continuity management in your company/organization

IT Business Guard Policy for Continuous Improvement of Hardware, Software and Applications / IT Business Guard Policy for Business Continuity Management 

iPuzzlebiz will help you to get started with know-how in SAP integration, material and energy efficiency, life cycle assessment, sustainability assessment, carbon footprinting, training, education for sustainable development, eLearning ...

Take the first step today. Start using all your resources more efficiently: time, money, material and energy. A full-fledged material flow modeling software that allows the modeling of any type of process system, the calculation of all flows from process specifications and the analysis and display of inventory results.

LCA Project Strategy 
Required Assessment Reliability

What are you interested in? (energy efficiency, process optimization, cost accounting, material efficiency / resource efficiency, carbon footprint, life cycle assessment, environmental footprint (PEF, OEF), environmental product declaration (EPD)

Umberto NXT CO2
Umberto NXT LCA
Umberto NXT Efficiency
Umberto NXT Universal
Milestones in improving productivity
Milestones in improving sustainability

Have the right infrastructure planning of back-office network services, enterprise cloud, App-driven virtualization and Managed IT upgrade options in your contract to match your future needs.

Network and Managed IT Assessment Upgrade Options - Managed Colocation, RIMs, FMS

The common Microsoft Managed Security Services (All Inclusive SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance, Maintenance Program with Powershell Scripts, Managed storage, backup, and disaster recovery ...)

Application support services, such as email, database, or ERP, Hosted Email, Hosted SharePoint, Hosted servers and backup, Email Protection, Email Archiving, Managed Firewalls, Voice-over-IP (VoIP Phone Services), Remote Application Management, Cloud Environment Security, Identity Management Services, Data Center Infrastructure Planning, Improving PUE design elements, Capacity Management System Design, Power and Cooling Optimization, Solution to Rise of High Density, IT Loads Solution and Strategy, Lower Redundancy Requirements ...

Having provided custom-made Architecture Base-line for assessment the IT contracts to develop the project road-map conform with the needs of Environment. PEOPLE, PARTNERS and APPLICATIONS - Testimony, Observation and Experience, The Key Certainty Strategy Components for Modeling and estimating an IT Green project with CALIBRATION * TUNING * TWEAKING

IT creativity and critical thinking in Enterprise Analysis and the idea that the functionality and data should be encapsulated within a domain, demands a rule language for the legal Intelectual Property domain of outsourcing arrangements with different types of metrics.

Professional green IT consulting firms need to identify, estimate and articulate the IT service level agreements and/or IT contract terms and in doing so help developing the model of your IT project-roadmap and your strategic plans for business maintenance processes, installation and deployment processes, engineering processes, client interface processes, production and service delivery processes, logistics processes and supplier interface processes.

Core Processes present a consistent framework for describing organizational units, business processes and infrastructures. They may apply Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to predict and explain the state-of-organizational units, business process and infrastructure after the exposure to the new technology and we will use Technology Transition Model (TTM) to explain what will cause your group of technology users to become self-sustaining after delivering the contract terms of use.

Questions: In case of software development, explain your expectations from the COCOMO strategy and estimating technique. In case of competitive bidding, explain your expectations from the Learning or "experience" curves estimating technique

Labor efficiency?
Work specialization and methods improvements?
New production processes?
Getting better performance from production equipment?
Changes in the resource mix?
Product standardization?
Product redesign?
Incentives and disincentives?
Time management strategy?
Cost management strategy?

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