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Apr 23, 2018

Glossary of SAP HANA technology terms commonly used by consultants

Install, configure, validate hardware and software stack (OS, GPFS, SAP), configure networking, basic skills transfer, post install documentation, on your hardware of choice.

Green IT consulting firms offer ongoing managed services for this solution or periodic on site health checks to maintain your current system environment; assist with updating your configuration and share best practices for optimal performance and reliability.

What is your preferred SAP HANA Platform Edition

Installed by SAP HANA server by HW partners (Appliance software installation of SAP HANA platform edition): SAP HANA Database, SAP HANA Studio (GUI & P2 repository), Software Update Manager (SUM) for SAP HANA, Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) Agent, SAP Host Agent, LM Structure

Additional components of SAP HANA platform edition

SAP HANA direct

Components for data replication

SAP HANA Solutions (adding e.g. BI clients)
Crystal Reports
SAP Business One

What are the solution hardware, software and firmware of your choice
What is your main concern during the process.

Speed and Quality of Implementation

Preliminary planning assistance with data center preparation
Preliminary planning assistance with networking environment
Preliminary planning assistance with solution environment

On-site implementation and configuration services
On-site, hands on skills transfer for ongoing administration of the system

Detailed post install documentation
Move the data into SAP HANA DB

What capabilities you can bring on the table

Perform an inventory and validation of the delivered system configuration

Verify / update your hardware to the latest level of BIOS
Verify / update your firmware
Verify / update your device drivers
Verify / update your OS patches
Verify / configure RAID

Install Linux Operating System (SLES) on the HANA server(s)
Install Windows on the HANA server(s)
Install Solaris on the HANA server(s)

Other Network requirements
Other O.S requirements
Other Database requirements

Configure / verify network settings
Install / Configure / Verify General Parallel File System (GPFS)
Perform HANA system validation

Download and upgrade SAP HANA components through the SAP HANA Studio

Additional consulting options

Supply Chain Powered By SAP HANA
S&OP Powered by SAP HANA
SAP Integrated Business Planning
Applying the SAP HANA Value Calculator
Others ...

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