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Mar 26, 2018

This Nowruz within Piruz blog series - page 3

How the Iranian culture of appreciation develops engaged and loyal people

How 1st millennium immigrants have influenced the successful 4th millennium Nowruz ancient culture is a subject matter for different levels of society to realize how appreciation develops engaged and loyal people to the value of Nowruz at the present time.

"A" 2nd to 3rd Millenniums Environment History Intelligence
Transparency Work of Art - Extinct Species Collection, IRAN

How deep is your love! 

This generation takes the luxury of speaking the Farsi language as granted. The professional scale of radio and IRIB literature policy in Nowruz speaks for itself! The political point of view is too conservative to speak about the fact that older literature delivers a better social value and greater transparency for developing quality culture in all levels of Nowruz societies.
Politicians involved in capability management usually have the mentality that in case of a battle, the number is won! That’s not true in the cultural point of view.

This Nowruz within Piruz

This is not over in particular for those who understand the value of the culture which is paid with their blood to preserve the Parsi language in troops of the revolutionary Shah Radman pur-i Mahak centuries later.

If you are a politician who have political and/or strategic bonds with people who become defenseless and fear this type of transparency, it's highly expected from you to ignore and/or reject the transparency elements of this article!

Nowruz University Update

Unlike what the head of Iran's parliament mentioned about the empowerment of the roles of universities in production at national level, there are so many potential outcomes and benefits of university research and innovation that can’t be reduced to licensing revenue.

For many universities, counting the number of licences or patents is no longer seen as a useful measure of knowledge transfer. If we are exploring universities’ contributions to a broader spectrum of innovation, we need to recognize what universities are good at. We have to remember that universities are not businesses.

Nowruz Evaluation within the Parliament and New Year Updates

My favourite, the bottom up process, done correctly. High-pressure work environments often come with a range of difficult financial process and conversations at the end of the year - usually involving giving and receiving feedbacks.
Make sure to apply the "Is Like" rule to regional council member inheritance use case diagrams to evaluate their work at the end of the year! The sentence "the [inheriting actor] is like the [parent actor name] should make sense in regional council use cases."
Place an inheriting Actor below the Parent Actor. To draw generalization relationship vertically, with the inheriting actor placed lower on regional council use case diagrams than the parent actor. The notation for indicating extension points within a use case bubble (life cycle of regional council member's information should be extraneous in their regional use case diagrams) etc.

Please note that from the requirements management steps to implement use case correctly in order to support the Article 41 of the Labor Law, I strongly recommend to estimate the cost of developing your use case with the requirements data to gain benchmarks you can trust at national and regional level, before to start the actual budgetary action on a use case. A regional council work is only as good as the technical patriotic people it keeps on its behalf.

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