Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a complex appraisal method. It is conducted for supporting decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic and social context, and transcends a purely technical/scientific evaluation.

Nov 1, 2017

Practice of Environmental Law

Formulate a hypothesis for the environmental court case studies with a set of statement formulas

Remember that a statement formula which is true regardless of the truth values of the statements which replace the parameters in it is called a "universally valid formula" or a tautology or a logical truth.

A statement formula which is false regardless of the truth values of the statements which replace the parameters in it is called a contradiction. Consider using functionally complete sets of connectives and the rules for constructing well-formed formulas, it is possible to construct an unlimited number of statement formulas.

I personally emphasize to determine how many of these formulas have distinct "truth tables"

The Nader Shah map of governance represents a perfect integrity for the geotechnical practice of environmental law on ecosystem of Iranian plateau.

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