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Oct 20, 2017

The Sustainable Village Framework

Drugs and stimulants have influenced social, economic, and political life for hundreds of years. There are enough reports from the world drug report center of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to express gratitude and proof that Iranian police action in the fight against drugs in the world is unprecedented.

The Sustainable Village, Pulse of the City

Farmers should have access to scientific green data easily to know how to gain more profit. The "National Organization For Civil Registration Process" in Iranian plateau should include the upgrade options to facilitate build and/or reconstruction of the sustainable village communities.

The Sustainable Village Framework gets started with the upgraded electronic Identity (eID) Farm Cards that should promise to supply a mechanism and intelligent data related to build the sustainable village communities. This will also empower the village tourism.

Every farm structure – regardless of size, livestock or production – without regard to its present use or even suitability – faces challenge of handling information and automated up-to-date data flow empowered by GREEN predictive analytics, and business intelligence by authorities as efficiently, effectively and simply as possible.


For example, the design and development of an agricultural information system that will integrate the agricultural census, a continuous survey system and information from administrative registers.

In Iran, these shares allow farmers to claim tax deductions or credits, if they complete the steps required by the provincial governor rules. Most importantly, a comprehensive, balanced, quantified look at significant product environmental impacts. All the new rural routes approved by the authorities for public transport and fuel management may have the construction approval from the sustainable rural transport intergovernmental project.

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