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Oct 16, 2017

The new political term Middle East

To respect the tradition and embrace the future, the new made political term "Middle East" is actually a fake term in an authentic political dictionary timeline.

Lets get back to the unchartered territories in history of civilizations and remember the usage of compass in Chinese, Persian and Roman empires, none of them considered themselves the center of the world except Egyptians! The ancient south Indian empire has had also their own compass settings back in time.

Persian traveller merchant's evidence plus the Romans marks the territories east of China as a far away destination but not unchartered. The very exact term of the middle east in politics may have been referred to lands reside in the middle of the east based on the political state compass. It may have different meanings based on which civilization is using the term.

If today, we use the term middle east, we still have no exact understanding of what political compass has been used to pinpoint what area, unless you would like just to follow up a new made political term by which the creators have nothing to do with the timeline political state by which the area was not considered an unchartered area. More specifically, since the usage of the term "Middle East" has become wide spread, most of the region called under this political term has had not seen full happy days for many years! This is a fact.

The substitute

I guess it is up to the heritage foundation of the groups of countries to come up with something more meaningful based on their own civilized history timeline with help of the United Nations.

The usage of the political term "Middle East" in a sense of respecting the tradition in front of a descendant of a Persian Shah is considered a direct insult!

Don't gossip and don't say, I didn't warn you!

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