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Oct 8, 2017

The Sensitive Largest Lake of The World Monitoring Trends

Integrated Maintenance and Environmental Conditional Monitoring Trends of Caspian Sea. An effort to focus on health condition of Caspian sea with the bottom-up environmental policy development backed by technology trends.

Managing complex environmental risks for sustainable development processes and the application of information and communications technology (ICT) in the environment of the UNIQUE ecosystem of the largest lake of the world is increasingly important.

Caspian Sea is situated on major migratory routes for many bird species and it is therefore of important value for the whole of Eurasia and the world.
The north water border of the Iranian plateau is home to tens of thousands of plant and animal species living in a rich diversity of habitats and ecosystems all connected together and beyond.
Any government that has a military force on Caspian sea is responsible to design, develop and respect the embedded integrated maintenance and environmental condition monitoring trends within the ecosystem.
 Another important responsibility falls in the preferred category of investments
To follow the awareness among the Caspian sea environmental asset management that has had been under strong political disputes recently, the Foreign financial institutions associated with the Caspian sea carbon energy ecosystem, political statements and new commitments has created new risks comparing to what was the old political governance of the Caspian sea in respect of the welfare of ecosystem.
Having Russia as a leader in nuclear energy development, followed by the newborn Iranian counterpart in-house nuclear developments, the heavier the responsibility. The depth of the lake by which Iran has to monitor the very deep water circulation monitoring makes the historic Iranian role in Caspian sea stay bolder than any other political states.
The opportunities for the private sector in emerging Caspian sea markets may impact the performance of monitoring the Caspian sea environment, the way financial institutions and the companies related on them decide what to invest in and the political interests, is another emerging issue.
A more complicated monitoring can be done (under construction) by launching a portal with unified divisions that works with the approval of the interior ministry of all countries in the region.

Recognizing the insurance knowledge gaps at political level in ...

How Caspian sea ecosystem change will affect the private sector (local people) at the present time or over shorter time horizons, all the political states should have a legitimate commitment to cover the ecosystem-related risks material along with controlling the commercial banks, institutional investors, and international financial institutions having or interesting to have a presence on the Caspian sea.
There is only one largest lake of the world and there is a lot of geotechnical issues stressing out! We have not forgotten the Aral Sea, once the world's fourth-largest lake, is one of the planet's most shocking environmental disasters, according to the UN Secretary General ...

It's a good place to remind about the Iran strong and reputable line of action when it comes to the insurance knowledge gaps at political level

Recognizing the insurance knowledge gaps at political level is a very strong phrase by which a political state may loose the right to have a military presence or face serious consequences.

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