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Oct 22, 2017

The 1st bioethics conference on water-based passive defense in Hamedan

Water is essence of life, soil's the substrate, air's the necessity and fire is the pleasure of it

The major all-in-one declarations
  • The ministry of energy is not aware of the amount of groundwater
    • They only have the deep water statistics
  • The performance of the supreme council of water at provincial level is not satisfactory and does not solve the problem, only figures are presented
  • Instead of focusing on innovation we have decided to outsource the farming lands
  • The usage of unconventional water is forgotten
  • The use of grit is one-time forever to fight and prevent the creation of microstates
  • Authorities do not know the difference between different types of deserts in Iran
  • There are 3 Green zone at home: kitchen, bathroom and the green space
  • Everyone needs to morally correct their water consumption

In my opinion, addressing the bio-ethics problem for each province is important but it needs to be done systematic. Someone who is involved in provincial governance needs to have the guidelines as the business rules that defines the foundation of how he or she will work. They do not have time to read science books and come-up with a side political, another side social and financial plan all together! It's impossible.

There have been very aggressive comments at micro and macro levels for the provincial government ethics to deal with the real world problems in short and long terms but there was no proper guidelines how to embed the ethics with the actual work or policy development.

Some people think when we talk about ethics, it is just about awareness - as it was actually the last word of the official IRIB reporter on the conference! I watched their short video report! Ethics is beyond awareness concept, and the bio-ethics is actually the matter of life and death for the next generations and how to deal with the current situation. 

The problems and solutions being addressed has had number of different reactions in different part of the country and some of them are considered beyond border policy or national level security matters.

The ethical behaviour in bio and water management has definitely space to grow the better understanding, performance and priorities in a systematic approach.

For example, as a business analyst who can interpret, translate and deliver the high level requirements on the subject of bio-ethics for people who actually can get the job done by proper policy development or actual project management and plan, I did not find any trace of follow-up yet seriously. That's the main problem. You don't have a systematic approach in place.

You don't need technology to have a systematic approach, it begins with knowledge management techniques and later tends to use the technology to become a system. Each province should have their own set of bio-ethics regulated as official business rules of the office of government.

Lets get started!

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