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Oct 9, 2017

Technology-enabled Caspian sea investments

Follow the ideas of the technology-enabled Caspian sea investment process to develop and monitor the Environmental Guard Policy Strategies

  • Eagle eye security guardian & analytics observations empowered by spatial
  • Seashore prosperity promotion, preservation & sustainable development
  • Ecological management of the seashore in particular R&D
  • Sustainable development incentives to attract FDI in good faith*
  • Political policy insurance development in different levels to control the pollution
  • Social policy development for local land-based pollution sources
  • Political & social policy development for environment debt collection, taxation
  • Sweet & saltwater life cycle renewable data requirements - advanced analytics
  • The predictive analytics, a subjective project enhancement
  • Real-time ratio calculation of assets assigned to fix the environmental liabilities
  • Fixing the wildlife fish corridor assessment connected to freshwater ecosystems

* Good faith partnerships to extend the Caspian sea business rules to an integrated approach in agriculture and food global requirements. A modern sea-based agriculture industry change management empowered by conferences and case studies to be supported at the geopolitical level with special attention to the Caspian Sea Construction Industries Insurance at Political Level for the Carbon Energy Sector Infrastructures, Logistics and Transportation Management.

The lack of sensitivity in energy optimization consumption and pollution control in Caspian Sea construction industry combined by the thirst for more development, has made it essential to control sustainable development transparency in one of the most sensitive ecosystems of the world

Reality of controlling the business contracts with environmental monitoring metrics:
  • The international energy transportation routes
  • The infrastructures of carbon energy transfer programs
  • Logistic development projects for export of carbon energy sector
  • Local construction industries
  • Other local issues such as the agriculture waste control, unemployment, etc. 
  • The city, town and village sustainable development management
  • The broker based business models without environmental monitoring metrics, etc.

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