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Oct 22, 2017

The Historic Silk Road Improvement Experience, A repeated attempt of the ancient Persian Royal Road scenario

Improvement of infrastructure and logistics performance, the core and supplementary business processes geotechnical response time with proper geopolitical policy development and planning framework on in-memory enterprise support
  • Break geopolitical barriers by simplifying Silk Road geotechnical landscapes
  • Eliminate the prefabrication processes that hurts small business intelligence space
  • Respect traditions and modernize with a streamlined, real-time business data
  • Define new possibilities by streamlining complexities for real-time responsiveness
  • Sustainable policies informing development actions with timely access to information
  • Unleashing innovation to transform how Silk Road creates, performs, and connects
Contribution to the Silk-Road in-memory business glory of mankind

Planning the core business processes, covers significant business domains. This will optimize the Silk Road historical term and also provides enhancements for interoperability between the member states and types of businesses.

Intangible or tangible power of the Silk Road

A powerful actionable historical term such as Silk Road must always have the permanent call-to-action towards another initiative member so providing opportunity for the world to buy-in the Silk Road community power becomes more tangible. It’s all about building trust and credibility. This is particularly true of sustainable development, energy and food security of the world.

Need for an integrated approach in sustainable development, a shared intellectual property (IP) framework development as a key driver to attract better foreign direct investment and foster economic growth by encouraging R&D is a reality that no Silk Road community member initiatives should follow a stand-alone policy where and when power dictates the business.

Persian Horse

The Persian Satrap messaging system was the first organization to apply the long road horse refreshment system in the world. The pure breed iconic horse of Persia is called Caspian horse these days. The real Caspian horse society has its origin in Gilan's "Tul Talesh" where a 3,000-year-old exclusive cemetery of this breed has been found!

The pure breeds still live there! The military use of this breed dates back to ancient Persia, at least as far as 3,000 B.C. Experts now believe the Caspian horse to be the forerunner to the Sassanid military grade horse.

The Elements of Persian Empire, A Pre Silk Road Merchant Style

We used lean knowledge management techniques empowered by Zoroastrian culture, established multi-language libraries – civilized map development, led to ease supervising the largest empire that history has ever seen with
  • Central payment processing
  • Paycheck calculators
  • Tax management
  • Water management
  • Multi-tier architecture design 
  • Garden design approaches
  • Moderate parties
  • Gifting strategies
  • Artistic decorations
  • Athletic meets and game ceremonies
  • Brotherhood contracts
  • Strong military support
  • Mercenary management
  • Large scale horse breeding
  • Service oriented governance
  • Business integrity and negotiations
  • Search financial capability for medicine and agriculture development
  • Travel payment tablets
  • Highway development and
  • Punctual ancient message forwarding capabilities …
And in business, time is money and Business Intelligence timeline on the Business is not a new subject. The scientific evidence in Asia dates back to the early Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BC)

No serious war was ever recorded between any member of the group of ancient civilizations in this large area for centuries. All the credits, processes, events and systems mentioned above have been used or extended by other empires merged as the successor of Persian all-in-one civilized governance in land, sea and the immigration interactive trends beyond.

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