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Oct 14, 2017

Priorities for Energy Efficiency ~ You Have To Care!

I am tired of leveling up with majority of current politicians worldwide by smoking in a closed door bathroom listening to "the" fan!

They had enough time to change, I'm gonna over ride them!

- Change management for "the" executive elites (Featured Integral)
- Change management in military maintenance (Featured Encapsulated)
- Change management in agriculture development (Featured Continuous)
- Change management in industrial development ( Featured Continuous)

Energy consumption optimization (extended the technical concept)

Change management for energy consumption optimization project management success. I would like to provide an executive statement to energy consumption portfolio management, maximizing the success rate on energy consumption projects and programs.
Project portfolio management is key to CEO success. The whole rationale for "why" one invest in the change in the first place and how it can take you through the techniques and processes for prioritizing/selecting the energy consumption projects through to feedback on "the" realization of the benefits from the energy consumption model change from infrastructure development and technology transition to government or corporate levels HR and ordinary people awareness.
It's also all about the technical details. For example the evaluation of different aeration control strategies has showed that using average "energy prices" and neglecting "energy tariff structures" may lead to "biased conclusions" when selecting operating strategies or comparing technologies or equipment.

Effective energy optimization change projects demand heightened leadership and change management expertise to motivate and unite PEOPLE behind the project vision, ensuring continuous alignment teams with strategic energy consumption optimization goals.
We live with technology surrounding us, so fully integrated into our lives that it has fundamentally shifted human expectation and behaviours. We need workshops that challenge our engineers to think critically about technology trends as they relate to energy consumption optimization.
With focus on change management, energy consumption optimization and communication management. We have to learn about user energy consumption optimization adaptability and the impact of technology in shifting change thresholds.

Taking the natural energy income as granted, the feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness among people living in cities to preserve environment is good but I believe the real action should shift, take place and focus 4x4 in rural areas. I read more news from Ispahan being active on rural development projects! Looks like that the old capital has chosen the fast way to earn "the" glory.

Iranian Privatization Organization Policy Development in Government should develop "Change Management" rather than focus on leadership! If parliament is not capable to match the old macro policies with the new needs how do you expect from city and village councils to deal with change management in micro level!

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