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Oct 16, 2017

Persian Gulf SDGs

The normative side of sustainable development envisions 4 basic pillars of a good society and a globally integrated world community: economic prosperity; social inclusion and cohesion; environmental sustainability; and good governance by major social actors, including governments and business. (Page 20, 21 and 22 of the 12th Iranian Gov. program plan)

It’s a lot to ask for, and there is no shortage of challenges to achieving sustainable development in practice. Yet the stakes are high. Achieving sustainable development on our crowded, unequal, and degraded planet is the most important challenge facing our generation.

Achieving the Persian Gulf Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the world economy, global society, and the physical environment on an area where political puzzle games override the SDGs compass, where foreign force interest plays powerful for more influence on the newly established political states with a huge amount of wealth generated by natural energy sources. It has become more essential to play a stand-alone lodestar, for the future of Persian Gulf SDGs for the greater good of the planet.

Victory of Love

Whos' really who in Persian Gulf region - Iranian transparency subject to build a better Persian Gulf SDGs should be discussed face to face.
  • Persian Gulf  Geopolitical Realistic Energy Pricing Features *
  • History Timeline and Real Credit of The Regional Financial Action Task Force
  • Infrastructure and Logistics Management
  • The Construction Industry
  • Ancestry Bloodline Heritage
  • Lessons Drawn from History of Persian Gulf
  • Mysterious Relationships
  • Ins and Outs of the Trafficking
  • Anger Management
  • The Anti-corruption Drive and Realistic Military Power Efficiency
  • Royal Bloodline Warrior Level **
* Discuss alternative realities, every other country think they are entitled to imagine!

Should be familiar with royal history, the oral history and retrospective law, royal and regular revolutionary war timelines, the national level anger management and unexpected high cost happenings, not to forget the in-depth literature concepts at heart.

This is not a documentary! It's a face to face meeting conditions and there's no type of dancing would be scheduled! May also contain oral history content potentially unsuitable for some, such as the violence in history, shocking history transparency comments, religious and military psychology or psychiatric matters. May deal with other mature theories, actions and/or other subject matters. Despite the U.S sanctions and Russian / British treaties during last 200 years, the 16th strong large economy of the world, Iran offers huge long term promise to the Persian Gulf SDGs worldwide interested in a true Persian Gulf sustainable development.

After the withdrawal of Britain from the Persian Gulf, the Pahlavi dynasty regime developed a series of action such as defeating the Zafar rebels, did not participate in Arab oil sanction treaties of 1967 and 1973, continued strong relations with Israel, and fueled the 6th Fleet of the U.S navy in the Mediterranean to become the largest client of the U.S military industry.

** The Pahlavi regime did not pertain the in-house royal oath but the traditions still stay strong to embrace the future. I have witnessed the activists of the Persian Irano-Aryan native tribes to have a very negative point of view to accept having the Pahlavi dynasty bloodline gain any official royal title in Iran again. Face the truth sooner the better.

Thank you for understanding SDFPGG

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