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Oct 22, 2017

Land subsidence in Fars province

Fars province is now in a critical and catastrophic state. The continuous drought has destroyed the water resources of the province.

Last year, the Fars Regional Water Directorate told about the drought crisis in the province: "Shiraz is in a red drought situation that needs to be regulated in this regard." Now, after a year and the intensification of the drought crisis, it must be acknowledged that the shortage of water has swept all the red lines into a full-blown crisis - a crisis that is not taken seriously!

Fars sustainable development standards should address credits and processes relating to change management in water, wealth, environment and social, ethical issues that are recognized as mandatory practice on sustainable development projects, programs and/or portfolio standards.

It has become essential  to address the land subsidence by offering advisory on legal water management contracts and technology services related to the huge investment opportunities available by different types of partnership such as a joint offering via a global scale fund partner "jump" consulting sessions tailored to suit Fars enterprise water requirements with predictive profitable analysis and analytics related to land.

Persian nation made themselves famous in world history with a social level establishment of the Achaemenid Empire in a global scale. Their rise and center of power was located in Fars.

In the Greek sources, the body of water that bordered this region came to be known as the Persian Gulf. The use of native names for bodies of water certainly presumes either that group's dominance of the landmass or its seafaring activity. For the Persian Gulf, both are true. In authentic Arabic sources is called the Gulf of Fars, or the Farsi Gulf.

"The" stylish AHRIMAN word in Pahlavi language. Science must be at the service of man, and not vice versa. Put the knife up the Ahriman chest and guard yourself with the second to none high quality series of “HOW TO SPEAK PARSI PROPERLY”, the silence I deserve and the luxury I never had - the opportunity to conquer every Iranian heart - learn how to speak PARSI properly. It is mandatory to develop an "ethical policy" in all broadcasting industries to change and apply the modern Farsi properties properly in accordance with the correct older versions in all types of productions, interviews and programs. It is strongly recommended to replace the specific words with synonyms that still stand in native / ancient Persian semi-accent, language and literature families proudly alive in the plateau.

"The" stylish AHRIMAN word in Pahlavi language - Empowering geotechnical strategies to combat the land subsidence in Fars province, the men and women are equal and their actions are tolerated the same way.

Energy consumption optimization

Change management for energy consumption optimization project management success. I would like to provide an executive statement to energy consumption portfolio management, maximizing the success rate on energy consumption projects and programs

Project portfolio management is key to CEO success. The whole rationale for "why" one invest in the change in the first place and how it can take you through the techniques and processes for prioritizing/selecting the energy consumption projects through to feedback on "the" realization of the benefits from the energy consumption model change from infrastructure development and technology transition to government or corporate levels HR and ordinary people awareness.

It's also all about the technical details. For example the evaluation of different aeration control strategies has showed that using average "energy prices" and neglecting "energy tariff structures" may lead to "biased conclusions" when selecting operating strategies or comparing technologies or equipment.

Effective energy optimization change projects demand heightened leadership and change management expertise to motivate and unite PEOPLE behind the project vision, ensuring continuous alignment teams with strategic energy consumption optimization goals.

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