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Oct 20, 2017

It's all about engagement, The wetlands

Life depends to wetlands

The results of the scientific analytical project will help people, who have traditionally managed the natural resources before the industrial revolution, to possess valuable knowledge about the wetlands and power over their own destiny.

Wetland protection is very time sensitive

Wetlands have the potential to create green job opportunities and, more generally, to contribute to the powerful economic situation, peace and LIFE. Wetlands also contributes by enabling other economic activities wisely. Studies of alternative regulatory schemes for promoting new environmental protection strategies stress that efforts to prevent wet land pollution will need to become a joint responsibility -in an important sense, a co-produced result.

The character of the regulatory relation between governments will need to shift from confrontation to a time-sensitive collaboration to protect wetlands in a geo-technical policy development. 

At the heart of the vision (empowerment the office of deprived areas) should be the belief that socially responsible self-interest can be mobilized in support of long-term adjustments towards dryness of sensitive wetlands.
Supporting this faith is the already visible growing awareness to re-evaluate the large dam building programs backed by governments with the short sighted political mentality that their existence depends on give me a military kiss, the excessive dam construction is ok and there is no evidence on the environmental performance of the wetlands!

Time to stay abused and/or being misused by faulting the wet lands policy development should be over. Do not waste time without proper consideration of wet lands timeline facts and who was/is really responsible for what is happening right now!

Does the religious cleric's wasted years of prayers want to keep up! If you can't provide advice on protecting life, nobody needs your after death promises! Wetlands has always been highly dependent on climate patterns and variations. Building dams plays with the variants that effect climate patterns deeply. Climate change is projected to have significant impacts on the wetlands and the quality of air people breath, the agricultural conditions, food supply, and food security.

Climate change could result in a variety of impacts on wetlands. Some of these effects are biophysical, some are ecological, and some are economic, including:
  • Shifts in industrial and agricultural zones
  • Shifts in natural resource pricing and energy sources
  • Changes in production patterns due to higher temperatures
  • Changing precipitation patterns
  • Agricultural productivity impact
  • Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Increased vulnerability to the Sun

Engagement Action
  • Develop legal bonds to comply by policymakers outlined by scientists
  • Join efforts between the politics and environmental institutions
  • Extend the engagement efforts at the local, national and international levels
  • Address the wetland challenges using moral and legal principles effectively
  • Provide objective information on climate change risks and potential responses

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