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Oct 20, 2017

Groundwater-dependent ecosystems of deserts of Persia

Advanced Persian GANAT systems were introduced about 2500 years ago! (Reference to the International Association of Scientific Hydrology)

The new shortcut transportation methods, logistics knowledge and whatever energy and technology facilitates for infrastructure lifecycle, all together are needed to coordinate with the very nature optimization of the groundwater-dependent ecosystems.

The integrated groundwater-dependent ecosystems agriculture planning is necessary to comply with the natural rules of the bodies of water, mountains, deserts, jungles, hills, historic sites, conservation areas etc. condition monitoring trends, to be optimized continuously.

Agriculture is not natural - it is a human invention

It is also the basis of modern civilization. Yet agriculture is not uniform in its practices or productivity. Nor is agriculture static. Agriculture has significant ecological consequences, too: displaced forests and grasslands, greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizers and diesel-fueled farm machinery, and algae blooms from excess nutrient runoff.

A large nuclear power reactor is operating in Iran, after many years' construction, and two more are planned. The geotechnical methods of the integrated groundwater-dependent ecosystems agriculture requirements are constant, it is the modern map of the energy for the infrastructure, logistics and transportation to conform with them.

IoT Solutions for Agriculture

Agriculture will be transformed over the coming decades as digital technology becomes embedded into every aspect of production and farm enterprise management. There would be a high level of industry engagement in topics such as big data analytics in agriculture and the Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT) ...

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