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Oct 20, 2017

Groundwater-dependent ecosystems

A national beyond border security clearance subject matter. The intangibles of the ambiguous cultural elements of the groundwater-dependent ecosystems systematic approaches should be discussed under the cultural elements needed for the such ecosystem by speed and connectivity accordingly at 26th century Persian timeline.

There are plenty of organizational example of not having a systematic approach for a the Groundwater-dependent ecosystems in large scale during recent years.

For example, "the" super wealthy charity foundation of the country needs to develop a systematic approach in the groundwater-dependent ecosystems competition law. This is a fact.

The Value-Added Tax (VAT) in groundwater-dependent ecosystem should be different the way it is applied in other parts of the country who have no such ecosystem!

A Groundwater-dependent ecosystems VAT systematic approach which is not integrated with other tax policies will not get the best result with priorities, to be optimized. I would like to address the military chief of the Foundation of the Oppressed, not to get excited too much, if he reads this article!

The parliament members of Iran, the Expediency Council members, Basij militia and monarch business families to get a very realistic vision what it means to mention this foundation "here"

One of the main reason to immigrate from village to the city, is (has been) the radius of basic survival support of the groundwater-dependent ecosystems among villagers and immigrants in suburb areas where and when the reality has already exposed women as the main victim of this type of immigration.

The villager women in terms of intra-group support networks are more robust rather than their immigrant counterparts. The eID information cards are needed to scan and import data frequently to be able to play an oriented role at national level and beyond to plan how to provide the individual support living in sensitive groundwater-dependent ecosystems.

The eID cards policy should be able to develop statistics as the essential social and scientific guard conditions and data should be established to play the environmental management checkpoint and callback procedure roles for all phases of the agriculture industry to coordinate guidelines within the standards ecological footprints of the agricultural sustainable development and mega city reverse engineering population trends.

Hard facts and the personal and social psychology and psychiatric subject matters related to the groundwater-dependent ecosystems and systematic approaches to be interpreted and opened up the moral ethics, manners, thoughts, visions, needs and the previous deeds and capacities of each political candidates deeply by independent experts in front of the people after each debate, and/or their public presentations, while it is fresh, once again!

Clearly, there is much to improve on. We need to change not only our methods of earth stewardship, but also the very way we think about the relationship between human beings and nature.

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