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Oct 20, 2017

Groundwater-dependent ecosystems and UNESCO Agenda

First remember who you are and where you live. The newly made and designed 2030 UNESCO's Agenda for Sustainable Development is an ambitious, aspirational and universal agenda to wipe out poverty through sustainable development by 2030.

It sounds great but the level of influence acceptance model to design the education 2030 framework transition for action of this agenda, needs to be conformed to the history, traditions, culture and religious believes of each member accordingly.

Culture is regarded as a fundamental issue, even a precondition to be met on the path towards sustainable development that is necessary to get to grips with in Iranian plateau and the whole world.

For example, Ispahan vast region has had been the jewelry of agriculture for centuries in center of Iran, like Jiroft in South East. A dramatic change of industrialization without a proper systematic approach, that dearly cost people, natural and built environment in Ispahan, a new provincial policy development shift, from industrial vision to agriculture based sustainable development has been designed for prosperity of the next generations.

Another example about Ispahan province: To develop a reservoir (artificial lake) in Gawkhuni, a salt marsh with a salinity of 315‰ and an average depth of about 1 m was a better idea than so many costly other projects being done already!

In the grand scheme of things, removing lies and complexity from analyzing the critical environmental management processes in the groundwater-dependent ecosystems of Iranian Plateau with newly established political diversities is even more vital, because a failure to do so can have serious effects on the way for all the generations to come by enduring the unendurable and suffering what is insufferable, the gradual breakdown of ecosystems.

  • Realize the trend of rural population
  • Realize the GREEN employment and manpower planning techniques

Now that rural women can have access to more social strategic resources, it is an obligation to fix the problems such as the lack of skills among women in networking and establish groups in their communities, social exclusion and the job skill capabilities in rural tradition and migratory dependent communities of the groundwater-dependent ecosystem.

The technology start-ups free consultation and education center development for women may be as important as building new schools for the children in the groundwater-dependent ecosystem rural areas in a way that can benefit generations to come.

I personally think empowering the "mother" is more vital to take care of the "child"

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