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Oct 16, 2017

Getting started with an IP enabled framework for business

As we move from the information to the innovation age, understanding intellectual property (IP) and how it is assessed, measured, monetized, monitored and protected has never been more essential for politicians, senior executives, business leaders and corporate directors involved in captive outsourcing projects and FDI.

The new paradigm of captive outsourcing services adhere to government/business agreements, as defined collectively by one or more service provider with all required description documents - an captive outsourcing investment and/or service contract carries predefined information for identification, ownership and description of the investment and of its functional and non-functional features, requirements, operations and methods.

Generally it is the decision makers' judgement in assessing the probability of largely IP related factors (eg., degree of difficulty, degree of hazard, uncertainty in estimate, competition, etc.), that dictates the final outcome environment, i.e., loss, meet overheads, or profit.

Essential questions

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • What are the main types?
  • Where do they reside in the corporation?
  • What new issues do social media raise?
  • What are the layers of IP in captive outsourcing arrangements? etc.

IP services provide business leaders, senior managers and corporate directors with the up-to-date knowledge and language they need to properly manage and govern intellectual property in their company / organization.

The information collected by executives and senior managers is used in five ways:

  • To disseminate it to others
  • To develop value positions for the firm and/or captive consulting advisor
  • To identify business problems and opportunities
  • To develop mental images - 'models' of how the organization and its environment function
  • To protect the Intellectual Property

Protecting Creativity Through Copyright

  • Importance of copyright
  • Traditional copyright protection for music, film, literature and performance entertainment
  • Copyright issues involving electronic media, software and databases
  • Copyright ownership and licensing issues (captive outsourcing consulting advisor)
  • Creation, use, misuse and infringement of copyright within an organization

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