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Oct 15, 2017

Captive outsourcing scientifically approved, the impact may be huge, unpredictable or nice

The present day FDI and Intellectual Property modern period - Are you selling benefits or looking for more profits - An outstanding value, choose the right business model.

If you mention change management, you can not bypass the captive outsourcing business model. A holistic intellectual property in captive outsourcing ecosystem will encourage R&D and thereby help under development economies realize their potential to benefit from:
  • Recognition of the diverse business achievements of mankind
  • Crystallizing cultural pluralism and
  • Creative human diversity
Engineering immigration policies have had played a major role in buying the profits, mentioned above into economies - the most impact on such in modern history is seen in the United States of America. Canada is also following the same model more seriously at federal government policy development.

Captive outsourcing statistics are on a directional basis (inward or outward) and relate to FDI profit flows, FDI positions (stocks) and captive outsourcing benefit income. Outward investments are cross-border investments by direct investors (outsourcers) while inward investments are investments by investors and service providers in the target economy.
FDI flows are cross-border financial transactions within a given period (e.g. year, quarter) between affiliated enterprises in a captive outsourcing economy that are in a direct investment and beneficial relationship.
Captive outsourcing positions relate to the stock of investments at a given point in time (e.g. end of year, end of quarter). Captive outsourcing flows and positions include equity, reinvestment of earnings and inter-company debt of the service providers. Captive outsourcing income is the return on direct investment positions of equity (dividends and reinvested earnings) and debt (interest).

The meaning of Benefit is different from Profit
In a reliable historic sense of profit, everybody knows - it is people that benefit and their culture is that makes the captive outsourcing ecosystem power flourish. The geo-technical has much more impact than political to open the on-demand public  business participation in captive outsourcing in a large scale.
We have seen the impact of captive outsourcing in history timelines and after the 2nd world war in other countries supported by the major financial institutes applying other program names using the power of captive outsourcing model.

The technology shifts and the new service delivery model by Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) plays the most important role in captive outsourcing business model in a civilized future!

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