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Oct 18, 2017

An essential page of history - About Ardavan V

Following the death of the last king of kings (Shahanshah) of the Parthian Empire, Ardavan V – called Artabanus by the Romans – the dynasty collapsed after 473 years of rule over Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Anatolia (modern Turkey), the Caucasus, and parts of Central Asia.

He was killed in the uprising of Ardeshir Babakan of Fars, the founder of the Sassanid dynasty, which retained the Parthian capital Cteisphon or Madaen (near modern Baghdad) in Iraq, as its own capital for the next four centuries, until it was captured by Muslims.

The 1st generation Parthians *, who came to power after defeating the Greek Seleucid successors of Alexander, were ethnic Iranians from the northeast, and revived Iranian culture.

* The Baluchis are the ancient genuine Iranians who have their exclusive and special celebrations and feats. There are ancient traces of DNA match to the Basluchis who have moved to the north of Iran, Gilan province. Based on new linguistic discoveries, the modern Baloch language still preserves the words that resembles the vocabulary pronunciation of ancient Persian empire before the quest of Alexander.

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