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Oct 16, 2017

A word with the head of the environmental organization of Iran

Dear Sir,

I read your water development policy speech, the Iranian Natural Resources and Environment Management Organization conference held two days ago at the Faculty of Natural Resources.

You made a very bold political comments like you are the head of an injured party in a court case disputing about unfair treatment of the environment and the scientist who have been in deep silence despite the scientific predictions regarding the way environment is being unfairly treated during last 40 years. This is serious case all the way to the top, I say.

As an independent activist, I have no idea which political group you belong but I would like to share my thoughts about your speech with you in public. First of all, I would like you to know that I have not forgotten to consider the recent war and sanction timelines effect in my thoughts.

The little political parties here and there, playing up and down with two major groups that are actually "the" responsible ones to take us to such statistical numbers you have mentioned.

I guess some people are not in a mood to use the word "GREEN" as a political party because of what happened couple of years ago which really had nothing to do about the environment, any environmental court case or anything with the "official" GREEN color of Zand dynasty political flag of Persia!

All those people in politics, responsible for the statistics we have today, including those in charge, I have to remind them that "the" justice system in Iran is a very old but straight fashioned system that finally gets the job done.

The statistics numbers reflected in your speech, is just a few evidence to bring the agriculture industry and policy development to the edge of having serious environmental crime court case. Unfortunately you did not mention the reference and approach of acquiring such data that can stand accordingly in a court of law.

You said "Unfortunately, officials did not correctly calculate the cost of self-sufficiency in agriculture. Otherwise, today the state of natural resources and the environment of the country was not so trivial. The cost of this self-sufficiency is that Iran today is among the first countries in the world in terms of soil erosion, extraction of water resources, desertification and ..."

You have been very conservative in your speech the way you have mentioned the wrong doings of people "who love their country" but, because of the wrong economic development policies, they put the profit ahead of the vital greater good.

You needed to warned us again about the distinction of the Cheetah wildlife and the disappearance of  wetlands and lakes in "the" alive scientific term to make everyone "feel" more responsible. Do you think that works? Just to make "them" feel responsible!

You added at the end "we should not think that because we have technology, we should take advantage of the natural resources and the environment without having regards to the need of the future" at the global level, I add.

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