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Sep 7, 2017

SDFPGG Program Implementation Strategies - Part 1: Creating Strategic Alignment

  • Time Complexity Analysis and Challenges to Business Time Management
  • Championing the process: Internal or external facilitators and the concept of alignment: wealth management, scorecard, vision and mission
  • Creating the vision and mission and establishing an effective implementation team
  •  Investment policy including clause-by-clause options for negotiators to enhance the sustainable development value of domestic investment policies
“ It isn’t necessary to always seek out unanimity” among the parties that form the pact of Persian Gulf Group but instead drum up “sufficient consensus or seek majority backing on the things we want to change. ”

SDFPGG does this by supporting individuals and institutions working in the Trans Persian Gulf, Trans Atlantic, Trans Pacific and Trans Indian spheres, by convening leaders and members of the policy and business communities, by contributing research and analysis on Trans Persian Gulf sustainable topics, and by providing exchange opportunities to foster renewed commitment to the Trans Persian Gulf relationship.

Hunting hundreds of international brands in the history of Persian Gulf's oil industry - Debt Collection

Prevention is the Best Medicine. No matter what the business, experts agree that setting up a policy for dealing with the Persian Gulf Wildlife Corridor debts is key.

Persian Gulf Wildlife Corridor

By looking at the ratio of current assets to the environmental liabilities the Persian Gulf sustainable development standard policy will determine how creditworthy they (hundreds of international brands in the history of Persian Gulf's oil industry) are. Policies that penalize debtors for late payment can backfire. Persian gulf habitat fragmentation due to human activities is an ever-increasing threat to biodiversity, and the blue whale corridor is a possible mitigation.

Persian Gulf Environmental Stress Issues a Challenge to the Forgotten Luxury

Persian Gulf exist in what all statistical indicators suggest is one of the hottest, most water-starved environments on the planet. With the exception of Iraq and Iran, most states in the Persian gulf suffer from an acute fresh-water scarcity, defined by the World Bank as access to less than 1,000 cubic meters a year.

This scarcity promises to become more acute as the world’s temperature rises and the demand for fresh water increases due to population growth. Domestic water demand is projected to double in the Persian gulf by 2025; the demand for water required for industrial uses will increase threefold over that period.

The oil spill and oil fires have affected the water quality, vegetation, human health as major sources of environmental damage including toxic materials. The amount of oil leaked into the Persian Gulf waters during 1991 Gulf War was estimated in November 1991 between six and eight million barrels.
  • The baseline of renewable fresh-water availability in today’s gulf is already an environmental crisis. On the other hand, the tanker collisions, tanker washout is among the most illegal activities in the Persian Gulf. The conservation of the marine environment of the Persian Gulf is highly recommended. The Major sources of pollution are: pollution from local/international ships and land-based sources
  • Pollution caused by dumping from ships and aircraft
  • Pollution resulting from exploration and exploitation of the bed of the territorial sea, the continental shelf and the sub-soil thereof and pollution from other human activities

Government responsibilities - part 1 (Farsi language)

Persian Gulf Saltwater Life Cycle Renewable Requirements Case Study

International organization oil transportation / shipping routes and  the coastline infrastructure impacts of Iran and the southern states on the saltwater life cycle of Persian gulf system.

Impacts on the 3-Years Life Cycle Critical Path

We may start the case study by creating diagrams that depicts the static view of the run-time configuration of the saltwater life cycle renewable system nodes and the external components that have impacts on those nodes.

These diagrams will show the requirement nodes, the impact of external components configuration on simulated saltwater life cycle renewable (such as the errors and their nature, time to critical interventions, and compliance with ...) and the intelligent middleware used to connect the nodes and infrastructural impacts with the shipping lanes, narrow water channels and traffic lanes close to shorelines.
  • Explore the issues involved in Persian gulf saltwater life cycle renewable system
  • Explore the dependencies that system has with other systems that are currently in, or planned for, saltwater life cycle renewable requirements environment
  • Design the saltwater life cycle renewable requirements nodes and the external components configuration of the embedded system
  • Depict the physical topology of the nodes and external components infrastructure of each organization to determine the 3-years life cycle critical path ...

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