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Sep 27, 2017

Having Data and Performance Management Analyst Role for the Green Political Parties

Green campaign political parties always need global alternative asset manager firm with experience of at least having $ billions in assets under management. The parties may have support of a royal monarch, public or private companies and/or other political campaigns with history of owning and operating assets with a focus on property, renewable energy, infrastructure and private equity. The asset manager firm should be able to offer a range of public and private investment products and services, and be co-listed on the stock exchanges.

The asset manager firm's corporate operations is an internal function providing global operations and business services across the green political campaign asset management business segments delivered through a shared-service, client-focused model.

The Data and Performance Management Analyst for the green political party will act as a single-point-of-contact for the primary relationship with the asset manager firm corporate operations' strategic vendor partners which include major outsourcing, consulting engineering and business process outsourcing organizations related to the green political party policies and/or enforcement acts.
Outsourcing has a proven record of creating a real foundation for dialogue among empires / ancient countries for millenniums and today, to fulfil its objectives through a diverse business, cultural, artistic, and scientific platform of events, it is needed to have more debates, fora, symposia and seminars designed to encourage exchange moral business ethics instead of exchanging money!
While maintaining regular business opportunity communication with experts in the field as well as with governments or associations with similar or complementary objectives, each FDI pioneer and/or outsourcer should consider a fair budget for education and developing workplace safety standards of service providers for any type of outsourcing or foreign direct investment program, project and activity. And service provider should create an environment of healthy competition to offer better quality offshore options within the context of environmental sustainability, health, and safety management.

The primary relationship focus will be to ensure governance oversight of Strategic Partners is achieved by adhering to contractual agreements, governance, financial and compliance requirements. Issues may be raised on a timely basis with the Strategic Partners and solutions are developed including any required GREEN governance and regulatory policies.

Key activities include supporting vendor relationships, governance, green compliance, financial, contract management and reporting. As a Data and Performance Management Analyst, reporting to the Director, Vendor Management and Governance, is responsible for receiving Service Provider performance data and analyzing to determine the green trends and identifying specific areas requiring improvement and works with the Service Provider to develop performance improvement plans and monitors progress to plan.

  • Will work with major outsourcing, consulting engineering and business processing outsourcing organizations to analyze Service Provider performance data to identify green trends, issues and improvement opportunities
  • Work with Technology Services and Service Provider service delivery team to develop the green performance improvement plans
  • Monitor effectiveness of Service Provider performance relative to the green improvement plans
  • Lead the preparation of reports for Service Provider performance tracking related to the green contract compliance and performance metrics, internal customer surveys, dashboards and through ad-hoc feedback from relevant clients / data scientists
  • Report Service Provider performance findings and recommendations to the Operations, Management and Executive Committees
  • Maintains Service Provider Performance Report and updates the Governance Lead as required
  • Raise issues on a timely basis with the Service Providers and ensure solutions are developed including any required governance and regulatory policies
  • Understands the mandate and strategic direction of the Data and Performance Management function and takes ownership of roles and responsibilities both within the function, and across the team for the overall benefit of the asset managers corporate operations and the delivery of its products and services

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