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Aug 24, 2017

The Z Anti-corruption Drive in Iran

The Z anti-corruption drive in Iran with special attention to Zoroaster, Zolgharnein and Zoljanah.

A well educated Z movement to replace traditional way of management and corruptions within all levels. A need does not create an opportunity, there must be vision and capacity.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.1

The Z movement should go forward. I (we) support the younger well educated generation every step of the way. We are also looking forward to hear about the official news about the money of the last Shah of Iran in his password protected bank accounts outside the country.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.2

Official statements about Intellectual Property and the commitment by financial institutions in Iranian plateau to empower the IP and the statements of quality in relation to the sustainable development fund of the authentic Persian Gulf group including the Medes, PARS and Parthian PARS bloodline communities.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.3

The “Iranian management war on poverty” should be fought in couple of different sides. Everybody can be friend with an effortless approach to a Friday religious cleric - or claim to be the most patriotic in whatever group/party known in public wherever! I don't think that these tricks will work anymore.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.4

The benefits from the Iranian free trade zone has a direct influence or perhaps an estimated impact to the way a senior director or even a union management committee makes wrong and unhealthy decision for the future of the organization and employment.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.5

Investigators and R&D committee members who may feel dependent to the different layers of Basij ( بسیج ), while being well educated, free spirit and autonomous is the key to be successful in such a semi-civil management war that will build the road-map for the future of the country for generations to come.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.5.1 (borrowed the wise concept)

Unlike what the head of Iran's parliament mentioned about the empowerment of the roles of universities in production at national level, there are so many potential outcomes and benefits of university research and innovation that can’t be reduced to licensing revenue.

For many universities, counting the number of licences or patents is no longer seen as a useful measure of knowledge transfer. If we are exploring universities’ contributions to a broader spectrum of innovation, we need to recognize what universities are good at. We have to remember that universities are not businesses.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.5.2 (extended the technical concept)

City and village Iranian council elections is the country's most important event. The fate of villages and towns, the cultural and structural terms that will have an impact over regional performance will be determined by the people who vote for better candidates.

The important technical questions for voters may include:
  • Are you drowning again in requirements you cannot make sense of?
  • Have the local Agile fanatics declared requirements are dead and your regional use cases deader?
  • Do you spend more time figuring out if our city or village use cases are correct than you have an appetite just to be a council member? etc..
  • What is your level of concern in environmental anti-corruption Z traditions?

I strongly would like to highlight the fact that traditional methods for use case development in city and village regional council (if even exist) have proven that have not been fast enough for the speed of modern analysis.

People have to vote for those who can create use cases to do better regional analysis to solve their problems with a better understanding and documentation for next generation council members faster.
This is actually a direct warning how the future generation will come after your honor "آبرو " by looking at your use cases! There is no question about what but when.

You may be patriotic enough but if you can not outlook your regional requirements, if you can not understand and develop regional use cases to be used or extended in national level or do not have a team of experts to help you achieve the technical knowledge and geotechnical goals, you are risking your honor by participating in council elections!

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.5.3 (extended the technical concept)

My favourite, the bottom up political party development process, done correctly. The bottom-up is so important for the high-pressure work environments which often come with a range of difficult conversations - usually involving giving and receiving feedbacks.

Whether it's confronting a colleague or asking for budget, these interactions can be challenging and the stakes can feel high. Regional council members should be able to find offering of alternatives to days of agonizing and dreading the conversation to come. Instead, good quality candidates to regional council membership can seize the opportunity to understand and practice a range of challenging reactions, receiving real-time feedback from a skilled practice coach.

It's a rare chance to explore some risky conversations - in a risk-free setting. The regional council members should give feedback while aligning the regional needs of both national and regional level parties, uncovering underlying issues, while minimizing and diffusing conflict. I call it an intermediate bottom-up feedback process.

A Movement Within Organization and Updates v.5.4 (extended the technical concept)

Make sure to apply the "Is Like" rule to regional council member inheritance use case diagrams. The sentence "the [inheriting actor] is like the [parent actor name] should make sense in regional council use cases."

Place an inheriting Actor below the Parent Actor. To draw generalization relationship vertically, with the inheriting actor placed lower on regional council use case diagrams than the parent actor. The notation for indicating extension points within a use case bubble (life cycle of regional council member's information should be extraneous in their regional use case diagrams) etc.

Please note that from the requirements management steps to implement use case correctly in order to support the Article 41 of the Labor Law, I strongly recommend to estimate the cost of developing your use case with the requirements data to gain benchmarks you can trust at national and regional level, before to start the actual budgetary action on a use case. A regional council work is only as good as the technical patriotic people it keeps on its behalf.

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