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Aug 29, 2017

Iranian water centric framework for agriculture - Part 1

Darius Program Management ~ Iranian water centric framework for agriculture, Part 1

We are at the point in history timeline that we need to design a dynamic framework solution that can last hundreds of years to maintain the support of the natural order in Iranian plateau water and food eco system.

To design this framework, we don't need to start writing code with C++ from the scratch and we can not have the luxury of using pre-defined water and food eco framework systems being developed already from more advanced countries (probably leveled as a national security clearance in some countries) We need a framework by which the dynamic features of Iranian plateau natural order has been applied and predicted accurately.

I will provide some essential hints for building this framework

I really don't want to bring down every single standalone law related to the environment and agriculture that has had been approved by different parliaments of countries located in plateau but to illustrate a better policy making business rules that can stand for many years to come, you need to empty your mind and get rid of some garbage rules and restrictions - all man made for short term economy and politics development!

Lets get started with the way the requirements gathering and business rules should be seen!

The regular rules of requirements gathering does not apply %100 here! We can not restrict ourselves the way it should be or should do things, etc. We need to design a METHODOLOGY from the scratch, only in theory - how to make the BUSINESS RULES and define ENTITIES. The theory includes the natural and built environments and people subject matter boundaries in general. Each boundary has a space deep rooted in different scientific system theories used to over ride, overlap or stand only by their own boundaries - by which we have formed a civilization, set of different entities worked together for a very long time.

For example, the social science theories is being applied to handle the overlap within the built environment and people where the history of architecture is essential for making the business rules related to the boundary featured as a dynamic attribute assigned to the space, boundary belongs where every single built environment is a unique entity.

Building this methodology as comprehensive, as it looks is actually a shortcut, because we have all the information already - they are not just organized business rules and not in place for the requirements gathering. These data has not been prioritized and/or used in a systematic way to be a useful AURA needed to make the methodology the way business rules interact with each other and how the dynamic attributes of each entity is impacted by the business rules.

The business rules here means foundation dots that connect the law - It means police can nock on your door and arrest you for not following them - so, this is a little bit different of what you have in your mind about a regular business rule in making a computerized system! - Lets be clear with an example, you have a small farm, by law you need to install a IoAT device to your water source - it is connected through the cloud to the system that police has access. Police follow the regional rules that is outlined in the space and boundary of set of business rules in a national level water centric framework ... This is not taking away your freedom, it just give the right to survive for next generations

To be continued in part 2 ...

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