Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a complex appraisal method. It is conducted for supporting decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic and social context, and transcends a purely technical/scientific evaluation.

May 25, 2017

Green advisory

Building green advisory practices & developing new green business opportunities will lead to green client engagements & managing projects.

Water Law and Policy Awareness

Water law research and policy advise for emerging trends and opportunities to reform water resources sustainability conditions, with recommendation to focus on ways of creating new forms of institutions and systems of governing that prioritize watershed sustainability.

Challenges to water resources sustainability worldwide / sample

  • Poor water supply planning at the metropolitan, regional and boundary-wide levels
  • Impact of dams (blocked fish migration, disrupted flow sediments and water, hazards from ageing dams)
  • Downstream - impacts of dams (reduced biodiversity, poor water quality, lower crop production, decreased fish population)
  • Reservoir - impacts of dams (contributes to global warming, displaces communities, increases water-borne illness, triggers earthquakes)
  • Agriculture accounts for larger percentage of the total consumptive use
  • Poor drought, flood cycles, waste water *, surface waters, wetlands and ground-water management. etc.

* Industrial and municipal water users ensure that water protection regulations are adhered to by using a wide range of treatment technologies. Technologies currently exist to effectively treat waste water for the all major categories of recognized pollutants.

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